Toshihiro MIKI

Dr.Eng., Professor

Dept. of Civil Engineering & Environmental Design
Daido Institute of Technology
40 Hakusui-cho Minami-ku
Nagoya 457-8532, JAPAN
: +81 (0)52 612 5571
: +81 (0)52 612 5953

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Brief CV

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Research Interests and Activities:

  • Experimental and numerical studies in structural and earthquake engineering with applications to the following items:
  • Stability, nonlinear response and collapse mechanism of steel frames subjected to seismic loading
  • Stress analysis including shear lag of thin-walled steel frames
  • Design methods of steel structures
  • Publications
  • Numerical & Experimental Studies since 1989
  • Steel Piers (in Japanese)
  • Damage of Steel Piers in Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake (in English) (in Japanese)
  • Elementary Structural Dynamics for Civil Engineers (in Japanese)
  • Bridge Watching CarMove

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