Information Processing Center

   In 1994, the whole campus of DIT was covered with LAN (local area network). The students can receive the network service anywhere within the campus. In addition, a system for information education, about 240 units of personal computers for free use by the students, and high-speed workstations for supporting research activity have been installed within the campus. These computers are connected to the LAN, so that the students, as well as the faculty members and staff, can freely use the Internet. The Information Processing Center is in charge of the operation and management of these systems and network, and provides various services related to the use of them (e.g., consultation, lecture meetings).

Educational system

Three classrooms with 65 units of personal computers each are available for lessons and practices related to information education. These personal computers run on multiple operating systems (Windows NT4.0(R) and Linux(R)) to comply with diversified information education. Furthermore, a file server is connected to the network, to which the students' home directories are assigned. Upon entrance into DIT, the students are provided with the right of access to the network.

Open to the students

Unless they are used for lessons, the PC-equipped classrooms are open to the students. In addition, and besides the Information Processing Center, there are six facilities within the campus where the students can use personal computers and the network.

Workstations for research activity

Three units of high-speed workstations are available for numerical analysis and simulation. The researchers can access to these workstations from their own laboratories. Also, the students can use them for the study purpose.