Materials Engineering Laboratory

The Materials Engineering Laboratory was established in 1978, chiefly executed the cooperation study between industry and university and the joint research. This laboratory has the history of just 20 year after establishing. The Materials Engineering Laboratory concentrates on three fields of research, that is, physical property of material, new materials and applied technology. The main research items of each research section are as follows.

1) The research section of physical property of material

・ Basic physical properties and surface property of material
・ Basic process of electrical discharge and plasma.
2) The research section of new materials
・ Ultra fine powder material
・ Semiconductor material
・ Construction material
・ Electromagnetic material
・ Magnetic thin film and fine ceramics.
3) The research section of applied technology
・ Metal forming
・ Material science
・ Bionics and biometrics
・ Robotics
・ Process control
・ Mechanics
・ Strength and fracture,
・ Computational analysis and simulation
・ Environmental energy problem.
One of the objectives of the laboratory is to provide research findings to industry and thus it is active in promoting industry-university exchange. The research projects from 15 to 20 are executed yearly and private research subsidy are awarded to that projects. Successful results depend on intensive cooperation between relevant sections of the laboratory, and the applicable developments of project research often relates intellectual "patents".

A 2nd mission of the laboratory is the education of students through an instructive program of research activity. The driving force behind the laboratory's research activities is the resource and academic skills and commitment of graduate and undergraduate students.

Director of the laboratory
NAKAJIMA, Koe Dr. Eng.
(Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department)
Deformation process in production, Rolling, Press forming, Deformation resistance and structure, Tribology

Vice- Director of the laboratory
ONO, Munenori Dr. Eng.
(Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department)
Metal forming, Casting / Forging process

ENDO, Toshio Dr. Eng.
(Professor of Applied Electronics Engineering Department)
None destructive inspection / Instrument and control

JINBO, Mutsuko Dr. Eng.
(Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Department)
Electronic and magnetic materials