Doctor's Course, Graduate School of Engineering
Materials and Environmental Engineering
   Materials Science and Engineering play an important role in the progress of advanced industries, and the control of the environment is indispensable for the modern human life. DIT initiated Doctor Course of Materials and Environmental Engineering in April, 1995. The following six fields are prepared for the study in the doctoral program.

Functional materials Engineering
   New functional materials , including metals, ceramics, intermetallics and their composites are widely researched and developed, using advanced technique.
Especially, electric and magnetic and related materials are prepared and evaluated in the form of thin film, cluster, and nano-order crystal/amorphus particle for new-born scientific world..

Advanced Electronic Devices
   The study starts at the fundamentals of solid state physics, and is extended to the new academic developments of electronic materials and is also made on the analysis of some problems of electronic devices. The application of electron-beam process in semiconductors is being investigated. Mechatronics and intelligent robots are also studied and educated in this laboratory.

Heat Process Engineering
   Fundamental and systematic education and research are made on heat process engineering such as analysis for heat transfer engineering related to effective use of thermal energy, simulation for material manufacturing process of warm processing and
experiments related to above theoretical analysis. These are important to environmental problems as well as energy one. A development of turbulent flow problems is also included.

Environmental Materials
   The research work in this field is concerned with the fundamental and applied studies in the behavior of materials at high-temperature and in corrosive environments.
   The efforts are mainly devoted to the analysis of interaction between the strength, deformation and fracture of materials and structures, and environmental conditions and material treatments.

Electromagnetic Energy and Noise
   There are two main subjects in this field. The first is the study in the electromagnetic
energy, plasma phenomena and the fundamental process of electrical discharge. The second is directed to wave phenomena. Environmental problems related to city noise problems and biological engineering are also studied.

Human Environment Design
   Research works and education concerning environmental control for human society have been carried out in the laboratory. The following items are included:
Water environment concerning natural disaster and water resources, Design of urban life and historical techniques and arts of architecture.