Applied Electronics Engineering

Acquisition of expertise indispensable to the technical fusion of all the industrial fields and ability to apply the acquired expertise

It is the main objective of the Department of Applied Electronic Engineering to train the students to have a broad expertise indispensable to the technical fusion of electronics with engineering, science, medicine, etc. based on new materials and new technologies and ability to apply the acquired expertise. That is, through the introduction of electronic technologies, this department aims to remarkably enhance the possibility of development of new products and new technologies in each industry to break down the actual situation of the industrial economy that has been shifting from the high-growth period to the stable period and further to the matured period.

As known well, electronics has made a remarkable growth while being applied to various industries and fused with them, including the manufacturing industries, such as mechanical industry and chemical industry, and is still expanding its application fields.

To meet such requirements of the times, the Department of Applied Electronic Engineering concentrates its efforts on the development of the students' ability to conceive, create and develop, which is necessary for promoting the technical fusion with electronics.

Therefore, considering the learning and study of interdisciplinary techniques, the curriculum of this department aims to allow the students to study materials and physical properties and applied technologies of them, and acquire the broad knowledge and techniques of computer-aided information processing and communication, measurement and control, and electronic processing. Engineering, particularly Applied Electronics, is said to be the science of accumulation type. Unless exactly understanding step by step, the students cannot promote their study, and for this reason, it is important for them to consolidate the foundation. Thus, the curriculum is so compiled as to allow them to exactly understand what they learn step by step. For example, in the class of "Introduction to Electronic Engineering," different faculty members gives different lectures in turn from week to week, introducing the latest themes related to electronics.

Main special subjects are arranged to be learned the most by the juniors. Through the acquisition of specialized techniques, the students will develop their ability to understand and apply them. Subjects related to information engineering are systematically studied throughout the four years for their substantiation and enhancement.

Graduation research gives the seniors an opportunity of enhancing the knowledge and idea to the development skill. They select their own research theme that they are interested in, and proceed with their research in a small group under the guidance of their faculty in charge. Here, an independent way of thinking and a flexible way of approaching are indispensable, as well as the ability to apply the expertise and techniques they have acquired until then.

Being armed with a series of the newest technologies based on the expertise and techniques they have acquired throughout the four year, DIT's graduates are ready for contributing to the development of society in the 21st century.